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CCSD (Cambridgeshire Courses in Spiritual Direction) is an independent organisation. It was set up in 2002, to inform and train participants in Christian Spirituality and the Art of Spiritual Direction. In April 2014 CCSD became part of the Society of Retreat Conductors, which is our governing body. 

CCSD offers a range of training courses and events that is accessible locally but drawing in a range of local and national tutors and speakers.

We teach the art of spiritual direction, and support existing spiritual directors.  Our hope is to encourage and develop a a good number of trained, experienced people who can offer spiritual accompaniment to the increasing number of Christians who seek it.

We maintain links with spiritual directors from the listings held by both the Theological Federation of Cambridge and the Diocese of Ely.  We also have a close working relationship with the Diocesan Spirituality Advisory Group. 

Our programme varies from year to year and we offer, according to availability and demand:

  • a two-year weekly training course in spirituality and the art of spiritual direction

  • the opportunity to pray the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius in a group setting, including peer direction in small groups

  • an annual development day for spiritual directors

  • a short course in supervision of spiritual directors

  • other occasional short courses of one-day events about topics related to spirituality and spiritual direction.



The Society of Retreat Conductors, of which we are part, is a registered charity (charity number 246045; company number 221066).  CCSD's trading name for financial purposes is changing, from summer 2021, to Cambs Courses in SD although our full organisation name remains unchanged.   

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